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About Us

Who We Are

SOS (Save our Space), dab Leosco collection, Inc., has created thousands of designs and high-quality-manufactured plush animals since 1996. We built our own brand, SOS, with passion and hard work–we design, produce, and finish every single toy that carries the SOS name.

We take pride in giving people the absolute best quality plush animals.

Thank you.

Our Design

We create and design unique and realistic wild animal. We are able to make numerous designs that range from the most sought out animal to the rarely known.

If you need new designs or want customized products, please contact us at


For further inquiry, here is the step-by-step process on how a plush animal is made:

1. Design: We create new designs according to buyers’ requests


2. Cutting the patterns: Once the design is confirmed, the fabric is cut in patterns.


3. Sewing: Patterns are attached by precise sewing to form the complete body and head.


4. Stuffing: The toy is then stuffed with polyester cotton to look like a real animal.


5. Finishing: eyes and nose are attached and stitched on for the final job.


6. Inspecting: We check and inspect the insides of the toys with a metal detector.


7. We pack toys into a box and seal it by tape.


Our Safety

All of our products are sent to an accredited lab in Korea and tested to make sure they meet or exceed American safety standards CPSIA (USA) and EN71 (Europe) standards.

To request a written safety report and check its compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, please contact